eMail Sent to the Department of Education and Skills

Hi All,

We’ve had a number of enquiries from people asking when might the application forms be released. At this time the Dept of Education are unfortunately not taking any phone calls which is leaving some of our followers naturally a little anxious.

Last evening we sent an email into the Dept of Education and Skills home provision team, we also CC’d the official ministerial and Oireachtas e-addresses of Joe McHugh TD, Minister of Education, and Mary Mitchell O’Connor TD, Minister of State for Higher Education.

Shortly after our email was issued Minister McHugh speaking with Matt Cooper on TodayFm announced that they are committed to the holding of state exams in June, but there was no commentary regarding the provision scheme or our CAO queries.

As soon as we get a response we will post notification here and on our social pages.

The email we issued is as follows….

To: ie, joe.mchugh@oir. ie, mary.mitchelloconnor@oir. ie
Subject: July Home Provision

A Chara,

I hope you and all your colleagues are keeping safe and well at this very difficult time.

We’ve received queries from a number of anxious parent followers enquiring what is the situation with the July Home Provision.

Obviously as we’re in the midst of COVID-19 the situation is very fluid. We also appreciate the Dept of Education and Skills are probably prioritising the state exams.

To help keep our followers informed could we get clarification on a number of points.

1) Are there currently any contingency plans to push out the start and finish dates of the home provision and / or school scheme. If this were to be the case, could you give any indication what these might be and when might the applications forms be released?

2) With limited or no access to schools will it still be a requirement to have principals sign and stamp the forms? Might you accept signatures from school vice/assistant principals, head of school resources or a childs class teacher?

3) Are there any contingency plans to push out the start dates of the state exams?

4) If the LC dates are pushed out will the relevant CAO dates be adjusted to match?

Many thanks and keep safe.

Mise le meas

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