The announcement today by the Minister of Education

Hi All,
The announcement today by the Minister of Education regarding the state exams amid the current Covid-19 pandemic is the right course of action. The health and well-being of students and their families is of paramount importance and outweighs the need to hold the state exams in June.

As part of the national measures to limit the spread of the Covid-19 virus and save lives, the Government has also extended the time scales on the restrictions of movement. These measures are certainly necessary for the protection of our nation’s health.

Although there has been no specific commentary offered on the July Home Provision scheme as of yet, we would expect the most likely outcome is that the scheme will also be pushed out to a future day.

As your childrens special needs can’t be put on lockdown for the duration, we would suggest that a possible solution could be for tuition to be conducted via an on-line service such as Zoom or Skype. Of course with the poor availability of broadband services in some areas and possibly a lack of suitable tech in homes, web based tuition services may not be a practical solution for some families.

We will raise this and our previous queries again with the Minister and his Department. Now that there has finally been a decision made regarding the state exams, we’d hope that our various queries will now be closer to the top of the Ministers to-do list. Rest assured as soon as we get any updates we will post details here for you.

If you do have a child that is eligible for the scheme or in need of general home tuition do continue to use our site. Use it to post about their needs and to connect with qualified teachers that can help. Likewise, if you are a teacher willing to help do register with us and post about your availability.

If you have any questions do email us on and we’ll be very happy to assist you further.

In the meantime Stay Home, Keep Safe and Well.

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