How to apply for the Supplementary Programme

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The Supplementary Programme is an additional support mechanism that is available to eligible children at Primary and Post-Primary level. The tution or support services are offered on a voluntary basis by Teachers and SNAs.

The programme runs until the end of April. It offers 20 hours additional tuition over 4 weeks outside of normal school hours.  Tuition can also be given over the 2 weeks of the Easter break.

Application Process

Schools will contact eligible families and issue the application forms with Part 1 already completed. If you feel your child is eligible and not yet heard from your school, contact your class teacher or school Principal.

Before tuition starts

Part 2 of the application form must be completed by Parents and the Teacher/SNA. Appendix 1 must also be completed by the Teacher/SNA and signed by a solicitor or peace commissioner.

If you would like to review the full set of DES documents that explain the application process, the programme overview and guides for teachers/SNAs and parents in detail you can download them from the following links for both school levels…

At the end of tuition, Parent and Teacher/SNA must complete and sign the Timetable section. Ensure there are no time clashes with actual school times.

Who is eligibile to apply?

Primary Level

  • Pupils enrolled in special schools and special classes in primary schools.
  • Pupils in mainstream schools who are accessing the highest levels of support. This includes pupils with Autism, Down syndrome, sensory impairments, and other disabilities.
  • It will include any pupils who were identified as eligible for the July Provision summer programme of 2020.
  • To ensure that pupils with exceptional needs due to school closures can benefit from the scheme, principals will have the flexibility to identify pupils that require the highest levels of additional support.

Post-Primary Level

  • All students in special classes in post primary schools.
  • Students in mainstream classes in post primary who are accessing the highest levels of continuum of support (Student support plus/for a few). This includes students with Autism, Down syndrome, sensory impairments, and other disabilities.
  • Principals will have the flexibility to identify students that require the highest levels of additional support.

Allocation of hours

In total there are 20 hours available, can be used for tuition or care supports over 4 weeks. Pupils must be tutored or cared for in a home based setting on a 1-2-1 basis for 5 hours per week and hours must be delivered outside of normal school times or at weekends.

Health guidelines must always be complied with and no travel or other expenses are available.

To give parents every chance to participate in the scheme the DES will facilitate parents in arranging for the delivery of up to 20 hours unused hours of support during the Easter break.

Additional hours

The supplementary programme currently in place for students with additional needs will be extended by a further two weeks (ten hours of provision) for children in third-sixth class of primary school and for post-primary students not returning in the phase commencing on 1 March. (DES Press release)

Siblings Hours

Eligible siblings are entitled to 5 hours per week each for 4 weeks.  Parents are free to arrange for provision to be delivered to siblings together OR separately on a one to one basis.  

If tuition is delivered to siblings together they can avail of the aggregate hours i.e. 2 siblings supported together for one week would be eligible to access 10 hours support or 5 hours each if supported separately.

Teachers/SNAs will for be paid for each hour delivered whether provided together or on a one-to-one basis.

After schools re-open

Children can continue to benefit from the Supplementary Programme when they return to school.

Who can offer tuition?

Tutors must be

  • Registered with the Teaching Council of Ireland
  • A qualified and Garda vetted SNA.
Funding will not be provided where parents support their own children.

How many children can a tutor work with?

Once a teacher/SNA adheres to the terms and conditions of the programme it is open to them to supply home based in-person tuition or care support to more than one family.
Time for travel and rest breaks must also be taken in to account when travelling between homes for provision.

Scheme dates

Starts 11th February and must be completed by the 30th April, 2021.

Tutor payments

The DES will issue payments through their payroll system as soon as possible once paperwork is returned and the scheme has completed.

All paperwork should be returned immediately on completion of tuition, but please note that it is very important all paperwork is returned to the DES no later than Friday May 14th. After this date claim forms will NOT be accepted. 

Rates of pay per hour

Qualified Post-Primary Teacher €47.01

Qualified Primary Teacher           €39.09

Modified rate**                              €35.14

SNA                                                 €16.77

** Rate paid to teacher tutoring ouside their education sector eg Post-Primary teacher tutoring primary pupils or Primary teacher tutoring post-primary students.

Are you a parent looking for a tutor?

You can post your needs on our Notice Board. It’s listed by school type, province, county and also allows you private message any teachers that have posted about their availability.

Are you a Teacher or SNA that is happy to assist families?

You can post your availability on our Notice Board. It’s listed by school type, province, county and also allows you private message any parents that have posted about their needs.

How do I access the notice board?

If you’re not already registered with us follow this link -> New Registration

If you are already registered with us follow this link -> Log in

If you have any questions email us on and we’ll be happy to assist you further.

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