July Provision Summer 2021

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The DES are working on delivering an enhanced programme of summer provision for children with additional needs and those who are experiencing educational disadvantage, similar to what was provided in the 2020 July Provision Summer Programme.

The original July Provision programme was created as an extension to the academic school year to help assist the many children that have special needs and other educational difficulties.

The programme in 2020 was expanded significantly on previous years with the eligibility criteria widened to include approximately 9,000 additional primary aged children with complex needs.

Last years eligibility criteria 

  • Pupils/students with a diagnosis of Autism
  • Pupils/students with severe and profound learning difficulties
  • Pupils/students with Down Syndrome
  • Any child in a special class in primary schools or special schools
  • Children transitioning into a special class from early years settings
  • Pupils in primary school mainstream classes who present with the following disabilities:
    • Children who are Deaf or most severe hard of hearing
    • Children who are blind or have a most severe visual impairment
    • Children who have a moderate general learning disability
    • Children with severe emotional behavioural difficulties

Last years application process

In 2020 the DES implemented an application process that combined an on-line registration portal and a paper based application process.

To confirm a childs eligibility to get the home based programme a school Principal was required to sign and stamp the application, other parts of the paperwork had to be completed by parents and tutors.

Previous programme formats offered

Home Based

For this a teacher or SNA tutored a child on a 1-2-1 basis over a 4 week period. Prior to starting any of these type of programmes it’s recommended that tutors liaise with a childs class or resourse teacher. That way an appropriate plan can be structured to help ensure resource hours are used to maximise the benefit for the child involved.

Find a Teacher / SNA for home based programmes

For the home based programmes parents need to find teachers to assist, for this they can use our site to help connect with teachers or SNAs to assist their children.

Our site is broken down by school type and county and we have clickable maps available to help with searchs for Parents needing to connect with Teachers and visa-versa. 

Once logged in you can directly message any other users that have posts by clicking their username and selecting the email option.

You’ll need to register 1st, this link explains… How to register on our site.

School Based

All special schools and primary schools with special classes were invited to provide the summer provision for their students.

This programme ran for a minimum of two weeks and could have extended up to four weeks where the schools, teachers and Special Needs Assistants were willing to participate.

The school based programmes were managed and overseen by school Principals for children with needs in their school. Although this years programme has not been launched yet we would encourage parents to contact their own schools directly and register their interest in such a programme.

Whats happening in 2021?

This years provision programme and application process is still being worked on by the DES and as soon as we have further information we’ll post details on our social pages.

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Have you any questions?

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