Summer Programme 2021 Update

We’ve had quite a number of enquiries regarding when the July Provision Summer Programme application forms will be released and when will the programme be starting.

We have been speaking with a senior officer from the DES and he assured us that the department are currently working on the programme with their partners and that the rollout will be announced as soon as they have details finalised.

One of the biggest impediments for parents finding teachers to help them is the fact the teachers historically only got paid 3 or 4 months after completion of the programme which unfortunately reduced the number of teachers taking part. We stressed the point that in no other working arrangement would this be deemed equitable or be allowed to even happen.

On raising this with the DES officer, he did say that the issue of payment time scales is something that they are actively reviewing and are looking at ways to improve upon the time lines for the release of those payments. At the time of speaking he could not confirm when future programme payments might be released, but promised to revert to us during their programme planning stages for further input.

As the programme is currently in the planning stages we can not confirm what the eligibility criteria will be for this year, but by way of offering some guidance the following is an overview of the criteria applied last year.

  • Pupils with a diagnosis of Autism
  • Pupils with severe and profound learning difficulties
  • Pupils with Down Syndrome
  • Any child in a special class or special school
  • Children transitioning into a special class from early years settings
  • Pupils in primary school mainstream classes who present with the following disabilities:
    • Children who are Deaf or most severe hard of hearing
    • Children who are blind or have a most severe visual impairment
    • Children who have a moderate general learning disability
    • Children with severe emotional behavioural difficulties

The programme can be delivered by either a Teacher registered with the Teaching Council or a qualified and Garda vetted SNA.

Need a tutor?

If you need a tutor you can post your needs on our Notice Board. It’s listed by school type, province, county and also allows you private message any teachers that have posted about their availability.

Are you a tutor?

If you are a Teacher or SNA that is happy to assist families you can post your availability on our Notice Board. It’s listed by school type, province, county and also allows you private message any parents that have posted about their needs.

If you’re not already registered with us follow this link -> New Registration

If you are already registered with us follow this link -> Log in

While you await an update on the Summer Programme rollout, there is currently a Supplementary Programme running for eligible children that have been home schooling due to the pandemic. Parents will need to speak with their school Principal to confirm eligibility. 

As soon as we have any updates regarding the Summer Programme we will post details on our social media pages. Follow and like our pages and as soon as we post the information you’ll see the details on your timeline. You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter using @JulyProvision

If you have any questions please do contact us and we will be happy to assist your further.


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