Who can offer tuition under DES programmes?

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  • Who can tutor under these programmes?

Tutors offering services under any DES education programmes must be either:-

  1. A teacher registered with the Teaching Council of Ireland.
  2. A qualified and Garda vetted Special Needs Assistant (SNA).
  3. Student teachers graduating from college this summer, who are Garda vetted.

Can student teachers tutor under DES programmes?

To tutor under these programmes they must be…

  1. Already holding a Teaching Council registration number or
  2. Be a final year student teacher graduating from college this summer. They must have requested registration with the Teaching Council and hold current Garda vetting.

Can newly qualified SNAs tutor under DES programmes?

We’ve been contacted by a number of new or soon to be qualified SNAs about whether they can tutor under the DES home based programmes. Those vetted and currently working as SNAs will be best placed to support a child under theses programmes.

Can parents tutor their own children under these home based programmes?

Parents are not permitted to claim payments for tutoring their own children under these type of home based programmes.

Have you any questions?

If you have any questions Contact Us and we’ll be happy to assist you further.