Home Programme Paperwork

Steps to follow

Prior to starting any tuition all of the paperwork must be completed and signed by the school Principal, Parents and the tutor. The steps to follow are as follows:-

Step 1
Contact your childs school to get the application form.

If your school has not received the paperwork they must email the DES quoting their Roll No. asap. The e-address to use is…

Step 2
The school Principal must sign Part 1 of the form to confirm your childs eligibility.

Step 3
You need to secure the services of a Registered Teacher or SNA who meets the schemes qualification and child protection criteria. The linked page that follows outlines the DES criteria tutors must meet and also how to find a tutor -> Who Can Tutor and how can I find a tutor?

Step 4
Parents must complete Part 2 of the application form.

Step 5
The teacher/SNA must complete Part 3 of the application form.

Step 6
All Teachers/SNAs in advance of tuition starting must complete the Form of Undertaking declaration at appendix 2.

Step 7
All Teachers/SNAs in advance of tuition starting must complete the statutory declaration at appendix 1.

Step 8
The timetable at section 4 should be updated after each days tuition has been completed.

If your child was eligible for the Supplementary Spring Programme, but could not avail of it they are entitled to a 5th week of tuition. Download the additional grant diary sheet from this link…. Grant Diary Sheet for 5th Week

Step 9
The completed paperwork is only returned after the tuition has been completed.

Step 10
The return address for paperwork is:

Department of Education,
Home-Based Summer Programme,
Special Education Section,
Co. Westmeath,
N37 X659

If you have any questions Contact Us and we’ll be happy to assist you further.