DES Tax Registration Numbers

The DES like all employers are required to register with the Revenue Commissioners. The Employer Registered Numbers that apply to you vary depending on the school sector you work in. The numbers assigned to the various DES payroll sections are as follows:

  • Post PrimaryTeachers – 0081300S
  • Primary Teachers – 4000099H
  • Retired – 4001495U
  • None Teaching Staff – 9599516K

These numbers are needed for tax purposes and you should ensure that the Revenue issues a tax certificate for your Employer Registration Number otherwise you will be taxed at emergency rates.

If you have any tax related queries you can find contact details for your local office by entering your Personal Public Service Number (PPSN) on the following linked page…

Find Your Local Tax Office

For additional Payroll information the following link will take you to a DES info page…

General DES Payroll Information