Application Process

     The application process has completely changed this year and is now an online process completed by a child’s school. Following requests to the Minister and the DES the application web portal has remained, but it is very important that you contact your school to get your applications started immediately.

The steps you must follow are:

1)   Contact your school Principal to discuss registering for the home based Summer Programme.

2)   Complete the “Application Form for Sanctioning” document and return it immediately to your school Principal.

3)   The school will then complete an online application via a DES web portal.

4)   For eligible children parents will receive an email from the DES confirming hours allocated.

5)  The email will also contain a web link to the grant claims form.

6)  Prior to tuition starting the grant claims form must be completed, it has a number of parts.

a.    PART 1 - The grant payment should be completed at the end of each tuition session.
PART 2 - The tutor completes this with their details.
PART 3 - The form of undertaking must be signed by the parent/s and tutor.
d. Appendix 1 - The statutary declaration must be completed by the tutor and an accredited witness.

7)    A checklist must be completed by the parent/s and the tutor at the end of the programme.

8)    The school should also provide information on the supports that could be provided by a tutor. This can include information on a pupil’s Learning Support File/care plans and any relevant information from the child’s existing teaching team. 

9) Only return the completed paperwork after the tuition has been completed.

10) All paperwork must be returned to the DES by or before the 6th Sept 2022

11) Before returning the paperwork it is advised that you keep a copy for your records.

For details of the programme, how to find a tutor, connect with families, rates of pay etc follow this link Programme Details“.

If you have any questions please do Contact Us and we’ll be happy to assist you further.