2023 Summer Programme Eligibility Update

We are still waiting on the DoE to release details of this years Home Based Summer Programme. Although there have been public announcements by the Minister for Education and Minister of State with responsibility for Special Education and Inclusion on what may be included this year, we expect that this years programme will mirror extensively what was available last year. We also expect the application process to be the same as last year i.e. schools apply via a web portal with the required documents then being emailed directly to families that apply.

Until we receive a final draft of the 2023 programme we expect the eligibility criteria for children to be similiar to that of 2022 as follows…

Eligibility Criteria

Students with complex needs, as set out below, for whom there is no school-based programme available are eligible for the Home Based Programme.

1. Any student enrolled in a special school or a special class – primary and post primary

2. Students presenting with the most significant needs in mainstream classes in primary or post-primary schools who are accessing the highest level of the Continuum of Support (School Support Plus). This will include a small number of students with enduring needs which significantly affect their capacity to learn, to function independently and to participate in education. These students require highly individualised and differentiated learning programmes that are significantly different to their peers. These students may present with the following:

  • Significant needs with physical and/or sensory functioning (including students who are Deaf or have severe to profound hearing loss and students who are blind or have a severe to profound visual impairment)
  • Significant needs in cognitive functioning and independence/daily living skills (including students who have moderate to severe/profound learning disability)
  • Significant needs in social communication, social interaction combined with rigid repetitive patterns of behaviour (including students with Autism)
  • Students with Down syndrome
  • Students with severe emotional behavioural needs, to the extent that these behaviours of concern are impacting on a student’s ability to learn, to function independently and to participate fully in school life
  • Children entering primary school this Autumn that fall into the above outlined categories are also expected to be eligible for the programme.

What should parents do while waiting on an update?

1. Contact your school to let them know you wish to apply for the programme.

2. Start contacting tutors that can assist your child with their summer programme. You can use our Notice Board to make contact with tutors by posting about your requirements and you can DM any tutors listed. You’ll need to register first, this link will explain How To Register.