About Us

In early 2016 as nothing like it existed we put a Notice Board (NB) on the web to assist families and teachers connect for the Home/July Provision (JP) Scheme. It went live in April that year. We’ve intentionally kept it streamlined, listing contents by School Type, Province and County for parents and teachers.

For a number of years prior to us creating the NB we encountered many parents who for one reason or another found it very difficult to connect with teachers for their children’s Summer Programme educational requirements. Children and families, in our view, were therefore missing out on a fabulous resource that they could gain great benefit from. It’s also important to note that we’re not affiliated or connected with the DES.

There are also teachers out there, as you’ll see from the many posts that we have, that are eager to offer their help to families.

Even when the Summer Progamme season is closed we are very happy for parents and teachers to continue using the site to connect for any other educational requirements that they may have, be it one-2-one lessons, grinds or to find families and teachers to help out with after school homework clubs etc.

To register on the NB the only details we need from you are your email address and a username. As long as you’re registering from within Ireland you’ll never be asked for any other information, but if for any reason we need to confirm something with you regarding your registration we’ll email you using the e-address you entered at registration.

To help keep our database clean and free from spammers we take a number of steps. Firstly, we use an SSL cert, this method is used by banking on-line services, Facebook and Twitter. It’s denoted by the small padlock symbol in the address line of your browser.

Secondly, all registrations are reviewed and if we have any doubts about the validity of a registration request we will ask for further information before access is granted.

Thirdly, all post content is monitored. We also advise that when posting that you should never include personal contact details for obvious reasons. Direct contact can be made through the notice board by either private message or email. Contact options when logged in are displayed by clicking the username at the top of any post.

We certainly hope that the NB will be of assistance to you, your family and friends.

On our social pages we post information that we feel is relevant to our many valued followers so be sure to follow us there. You can find us using the links below or alternatively you can use our Contact Us form and we’ll be happy to assist you.